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Puerto Rico real estate for sale in the metro area and east of San Juan, to include Bayamón, San Juan, Condado, Isla Verde, Carolina, Loiza, Canóvana, Río Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo & Ceiba.  To view  a complete list of homes throughout the island, you may access the tab en the left margin HOMES FOR SALE (access code) or click here.

To view our Puerto Rico Real Estate Commercial Listings and Homes for Rent, access the respective tabs on the left marging of this page (Commercial and Rental).   To access our Puerto Rico real estate listings, browse the following pages. 

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(Beacuse we cater to a client base which is sometimes molingual in spanish or english, some of the information on our website can be on either language.  If you show interest on a listing, and the language used to describe is in spanish, please call and we'll be happy to furnish an english translation.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  If we could do it differently, we would.  Thank you!)


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Condos for Sale in Sky Tower III, San Juan, Puerto Rico $104,900
10 photos
Sky Tower III $104,900 889 sq. ft. 3 1
Homes for Sale in Rio Piedras San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico $206,900
17 photos
Rio Piedras San Juan $206,900 1,380 sq. ft. 2 2
Condos for Sale in Hato Rey Centro, San Juan, Puerto Rico $228,900
15 photos
Hato Rey Centro $228,900 1,391 sq. ft. 3 2
Homes for Sale in Cupey Alto, San Juan, Puerto Rico $439,900
12 photos
Cupey Alto $439,900 3,440 sq. ft. 4 3
Homes for Sale in Aguirre, Salinas, Puerto Rico $80,000
14 photos
Aguirre $80,000 904 sq. ft. 3 1
Homes for Sale in Naguabo, Puerto Rico $64,899
10 photos
Naguabo $64,899 568 sq. ft. 3 1
Homes for Sale in Urbanizacion Preciosa, Gurabo, Puerto Rico $213,200
11 photos
Urbanizacion Preciosa $213,200 2,054 sq. ft. 4 2
Homes for Sale in Cond. Mansiones los Caobos, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico $180,000
9 photos
Cond. Mansiones los Caobos $180,000 1,024 sq. ft. 2 2
Homes for Sale in Bo. Sud, Cidra, Puerto Rico $100,000
9 photos
Bo. Sud $100,000 1,200 sq. ft. 4 2
Homes for Sale in Laguna Gardens I, Carolina, Puerto Rico $176,900
11 photos
Laguna Gardens I $176,900 1,137 sq. ft. 3 2
Homes for Sale in Torres Del Escorial, Carolina, Puerto Rico $399,000
13 photos
Torres Del Escorial $399,000 3,464 sq. ft. 3 2
Homes for Sale in Alborada, Canovanas, Puerto Rico $104,901
13 photos
Alborada $104,901 1,123 sq. ft. 3 2
Homes for Sale in Flamingo Apartment, Bayamon, Puerto Rico $94,900
9 photos
Flamingo Apartment $94,900 1,102 sq. ft. 3 2
Homes for Sale in Villa Pinares, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico $110,000
15 photos
Villa Pinares $110,000 725 sq. ft. 3 1 Property For Sale in Villa Pinares in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
Homes for Sale in Vega Baja Lakes, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico $195,000
17 photos
Vega Baja Lakes $195,000 1,335 sq. ft. 4 3 Property For Sale in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
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